Catty dear, relax. It isnt that important. Theyre only men being silly. Theyre trying to annoy us. The best thing is to ignore them and when they see were not impressed theyll toe the line again.
But Fystie wanted it.
buy cake online Witchdoctors, priests, imams, ministers and rabbis tell their followers that when the body stops working, their essence or soul or what have you, zips away to somewhere vague where it meets the grand Ju-ju who started all this by making the universes and all thats in them, including you and me and every bacterium and worm and virus. This Ju-jus pretty smart, like you Fystie, and keeps tabs on everything, deciding whos going to get ebola and who just a cold; who will not starve to death and who will... that sort of thing. In between he does the big stuff like organising supernovas, creating black holes and sending photons through two holes at once.
She made herself upset. And those stupid high heels she always wears, clacking along the corridors... thats why she fell.

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