Peter Johnson is a Cape Town based Analytical and Consulting Chemist with over 55 years of experience.

Analysis are performed, where practical, according to official, recognised and validated methods of analysis such as AOAC, ASTM, EPA, APHA, AOCS, BP and EP etc.

Capabilities include:
Sampling and testing of commodities for export and local purposes.
Food stuff for nutrition information, preservatives, other vitamins, trace elements and heavy metals.
Microbiological foods: feeds, fuels, waters and effluents.
Fats and oils: Vegetable or animal origin, purity and specification Eg: Authenticity of Sunflower oil, olive oil, etc.
Fish and and fish meals/animal feeds: Chemical analysis Eg: Mercury, Cadium, Lead, Arsenic, TVBN, Histamine, Ethoxyquin, etc.
Fruit/Fruit juices: Export including Patulin, Alcohol, Nutritional information, preservatives, etc.
Spices: Sudan dyes, Capsaicin, Scoville heat no.
Fertilizers: NPK, etc.
Metals: Ferrous and non-ferrous ID and specification.
Petroleum and fossil fuels: Lubricants, transform oils, fuels and coals.
Water and waste water: Drinking, irrigation, agricultural, construction. Compliance for discharge.
Construction: Cement mortar concrete, aggregates;
Marine: Fire fighting foam sea water damage, fuels, coals.
Other: Unusual types of analysis which form part of investigations.

The Capabilities of Peter Johnson Laboratories are not limited to the analyses listed above. Please feel free to contact us for your needs.

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