Digit is the most Advanced & Complete Fleet Management System Designed & Developed in South Africa today. The system is capable of not only tracking the vehicle, but also tracks your actual physical Diesel Volume in the tank/s. We monitor Temperature, Engine Revolutions and also Identify who the Driver is. You are able to immobilize your vehicle remotely in the case of theft or hijacking. Should the vehicle be involved in a collision, next of kin or responsible persons are automatically contacted via sms. The Camera systems we install are of the highest quality and reliability. Our installations are completely customised to your needs. We offer live coverage or can supply SD card storage - All recording devices used are solid state.
Our expertise in the Fuel Tracking/Monitoring field has expanded to the monitoring of huge Diesel Storage Tanks. The smallest quantity of fuel dispensed or stolen is monitored live 24 / 7 / 365. We have the complete solution to the Fuel dispensing chain - from your depot dispensing into your storage vessel to the individual vehicle / tractor / earth moving unit. Our own unique in house Digit Developed Software takes care of the minutest detail.
Our Extraordinary Reporting sheets are SARS compliant and go into forensic detail.
Digit Delivers - "Why Go Anywhere Without It"

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